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SX Guitars Horsekick DEMO MODEL

€ 20,00

Demo model SX Horsekick

Met dit apparaat kun je eenvoudig het geluid van een Bassdrum nabootsen. Sluit hem met een jackkabel aan op je versterker en produceer met je voet een basstoon.


  • Produces a sound similar to that of a bass drum when plugged into an amp and stepped on with foot.
  • Uses standard guitar cord. Will work with most guitar amps.
  • Allows user to create a simple rhythmic self-accompaniment.
  • New Version - Higher output and better bass response.- now with active circuit and 'thru' allowing user to play guitar and stomp box with a single amp.
  • For the best possible sound. Use through PA with bass EQ adjusted up and the treble turned all the way down.. Plugging directly into a guitar amp may not produce adequate bass or volume